Container Load

  • 40 ft container
  • 20 ft container
  • consolidation

Barrels & Luggage Consolidation

  • Small barrel
  • Medium barrel
  • Large barrel


  • Small & Mid size cars
  • Boats
  • Over size

Auto Sales, Transport & Auctions

  • Auto transport
  • Auto sales
  • Auto auctions


  • Local
  • Focus on MD, DC & VA
  • International

Business Consulting

  • Drive Revenue
  • Commit to Results
  • Provide Speed to Market
  • Cost-Effective Results

Covering the US, Asia, Middle East and Africa

Metronet Logistics’ Philosophy

We strive to providing outstanding service to our clients because of our dedication to the three underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness and quality.


By combining our expertise, experience and dedication of our staff, our clients receive close professional and personal treatment.  We focus on:

High standards

Outstanding performance



Fast business solutions

Competent business advice

Accurate business data and response


Quality of services provided

Set high standards for us and for our clients

We are trusted business advisers



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